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in Green Sustainable Housing

Currently building modular homes in Nairobi, Kenya
Democratizing Ownership with Tokenized Structures

Fractionalized real estate investing

For the first time, investors around the world can buy African real estate through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership. Powered by blockchain technology.

Makazi academy

Our course offers a shortened and simplified version of blockchain, DeFi, and real estate literacy courses that cater to all levels of knowledge, from beginners to advanced.Our content is Africa-centric and focuses on African use cases and applications. Upon completing the course, learners will receive a gold standard certificate that they can share with prospective employers and their professional network.In addition to lifetime access to all course materials, including instructional videos and practice tests, learners will also have access to industry best practices for creating wealth in the volatile crypto world and strategies for protecting their digital assets from hacking.Students will also gain access to an African cryptocurrency and blockchain community where they can connect and interact with others in the field. Finally, certified learners will have access to career opportunities in the industry


Sustainable Modular Green Homes in Nairobi, Kenya.
One of the fastest growing cities in Africa.


Crystal Nguchu Partnership Lead

Allan Mulei
Head Architect

Riley Powell
Global Strategy

Main Blockchain developer

Mulumba Uganda Partnership Lead

Chief Marketing Officer

Cornelius Kalle Cheif Financial Officer

Makazi wallet

Your all-in-one interface to save, invest, lend, and borrow in the Makazi Africa ecosystem. Locally available projects. User-friendly interface. Local investment solutions.